Best ways to anchor your beach umbrella

Spend your day at the beach with peace of mind, here are some tips to anchor your beach umbrella..

Location, location, location
You’ve heard this saying many times throughout your life, and it’s definitely right when it comes to picking your spot at the beach. We generally find the best spot to anchor the umbrella is in the centre of the beach, too far forward and the sand will be too wet but too far back the sand will be too dry. The middle of the beach is the winning combination!

Screw it in!
Now this step is important; our Summer Daze umbrellas are made tall, therefore you can screw deep into the sand without losing head room. Before opening your umbrella, plant your pole into the sand and push down. Once the umbrella is into the sand it’s time to turn clockwise to dig down while still adding downwards pressure, all our Summer Daze umbrellas come with a handy screw attached to the bottom of the pole. You should feel when the screw gets into wet hard sand as it will become harder to screw downwards, time test the stability of the pole. Once you’re happy, we suggest mounting top surrounding sand up around the pole for extra stability.

Easy does it
Now your pole is securely in the sand and you’re happy, it’s time to slowly open up the umbrella!

Tilt adjustments
Our umbrellas are designed to be tilted to follow the sun, or combat the wind! If the wind picks up you can tilt the umbrella to face into the win, this will help push the umbrella pole further into the sand, securing it even further. The direction of the wind may change during the day, but you can easily twist the umbrella to change direction or adjust your umbrella’s tilt if needed.

Heavy-Duty sand screw
Sometimes it's just too windy, time to pull out the big guns!
We added the heavy-duty sand screw attachment for those really gusty days. The heavy-duty sand screw is a thick pole with even thicker ‘teeth’ to help you dig down. Once dug in deep your beach umbrella can be slid in and tightened into place using the side screw.