Our Story

The Summer Daze idea, was born in the summer of 2019, with adventure lovers Ben & Kayleigh, road tripping the East Coast of Australia but struggling to find sufficient sun shade.

 After visiting numerous shops trying to find a beach umbrella that would last more than one summer and would provide sufficient protection the dream was born.

After a lot of market research, numerous samples, pages of notes, the idea was coming together. Next they wanted to ensure it's protection against the Australian sun, with the help of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency the umbrella material was tested and was rated ‘most effective’ with a 99% Ultraviolet Effectiveness (UVE%)*. While there are many variables to escaping the harsh UV, Summer Daze umbrellas offers a reliable shade to help protect you when used with other sun-safe products.

"When shade fabric is used for purposes such as shade structures for human protection, the ultraviolet effectiveness (UVE) may not be an accurate guide to the protection provided and may be less than the measured value due to factors including variations in design, height and size of shade structures, stretching of the fabric, the distance of the fabric from the persons, the direction of sunlight, and the physical location of the persons within the shade structure (e.g. at the edge or at the centre)."
Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)

The dream brand designed by an Australian for Australians is real, be sun smart this summer