Can you tan under our umbrellas?

Can you tan under an umbrella? Yes you can!


Contrary to popular belief, you can tan under an umbrella or any other shades like a tree etc. You do not need to be in direct full sunshine to get a tan, as long as UV is reflecting onto you, your skin is absorbing it and you’re tanning. Pale surfaces like sand or snow, or reflective surfaces like the water, can bounce UV towards you even if you’re in the shadows.


We all should remember while there is no sun thing as a “healthy tan” that the safest time to be in the sun is a lot shorter than we think; depending on the skin tone, after 10-40mins in the sun we’re already starting to develop a tan. To prevent sunburn the use of sunscreen and a Summer Daze umbrella is always recommended, slowly tanning over weeks is the safest way to develop a tan.


By using one of our ultra-heavy grade UPF50+ (SPF50+) umbrella you’re able to help block 99.5% of direct sun harsh ultra-violet rays. While our umbrellas help to reduce the direct harsh UV from the sun, we do always recommend the use of SPF50+ sunscreen to ensure you’re getting the best protection