SPF Umbrellas?

Aren't all beach umbrellas SPF?

Sadly not, some beach umbrellas only provide shade, rather than protection.

Here at Summer Daze, we've spent a lot of time working with our factory to make the best sun-safe umbrella possible.
By using an ultra-heavy grade SPF50+ cover we've been able to help block 99.5% of direct sun ultra-violet rays; there are multiple variables involved, like reflective ultra-violet rays off sand or water, so we always suggest the use of sunscreen, hat, long sleeved clothing and sunglasses. 

Our fabric has been tested for Australian standards at the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. 

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency 
When shade fabric is used for purposes such as shade structures for human protection, the ultraviolet effectiveness (UVE%) may not be an accurate guide to the protection provided and may be less than the measured value due to variations in design,  height and size of shade structures, stretching of the fabric, the distance of the fabric from the persons, the direction of  sunlight, and the physical location of the persons within the shade structure (e.g. at the edge or at the centre).